Types of Braces

Fortunately, in the modern era of orthodontics there are many choices of braces for children and adults. In our office we have chosen to primarily use the high-tech braces called Damon braces. We are now offering the most aesthetic braces available, Damon Clear!!! While we can also work with “mini” silver braces we have chosen the Damon System because of many advantages that the Damon braces provide. For adults and late teens there is in some cases an alternative to braces using plastic aligners including Invisalign. Whether Damon braces or some type of aligners, modern treatments can be accomplished in months instead of years!. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility in treatment choices while maintaining a high standard of care.

Advantages of Damon Braces

Damon BracesOur primary reason for using Damon braces is the potential for using lighter forces to move teeth. Dr. Del Toro and Dr. Kimes believe that the lighter forces allow the teeth to move through gums and bones in a more gentle or “biologic” way. With these lighter force we feel that we are provided with more treatment options. We do feel that these braces are more efficient and will probably require fewer or at least less frequent office visits. With everyone’s busy schedules, less frequent visits means less time away from school or work.


Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements your dentist or orthodontist plans out for you. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. You just pop in a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete. You’ll achieve a great smile with little interference in your daily life. The best part about the whole process is that most people won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth.