Since October of 2001, we have had the pleasure of being part of the community in the southwest corner of Austin in the City of Bee Caves (formerly the Village of Bee Caves).  We feel this area of Austin has provided us with a small town environment which is very inviting, welcoming and family friendly.  This area has enhanced our ability to provide personalized care… one of our primary missions!  We also recently opened a second office in the Circle C Ranch area, Circle C Orthodontics.

Advantages to our Treatment Philosophy

Personalized Care

Every patient is examined for their specific needs and an individualized plan is recommended.  Most importantly, Dr. Del Toro and Dr. Kimes will carry out most of the orthodontic treatment.  Their goal is to spend time with each patient at every appointment to ensure that treatment is progressing as planned.

Conservative Child Treatment

Lately, it seems children begin braces or some type of orthodontics at an earlier age.  In some cases this is highly necessary and recommended, but recent research shows that some of this early treatment may not be as beneficial as once thought.  It may actually be more beneficial to wait until the right time just before all the permanent teeth erupt or before the peak growth of a patient occurs to begin treatment.  This helps shorten the overall time children are in braces and reduces costs to parents.  If timed wisely, children may not need multiple years of treatment.  Dr. Del Toro and Dr. Kimes will recommend the most beneficial time to begin orthodontic treatment, but since there are various problems that should be addressed early a screening exam around 7 years of age is recommended.

Facilitating Your Treatment

To help you determine if you would benefit from orthodontic treatment we offer a free initial exam. For your convenience all diagnostic records (x-rays, dental impressions and photographs) can be taken in our office.  To help make your treatment affordable we offer multiple payment plan options and accept assignment of various insurance plans.